Painting our home

We moved to a new office recently. So, here we want to share some photos taken while we were decorating our «sweet home» Our new address: Razzakov St. 32,…

Basic CMYK

Print ads

Samples of print ads. Concept & design: Tolobek Nurdinov


Poster ads

Samples of poster ads. Creative director: Tolobek Nurdinov Designers: Tolobek Nurdinov, Alisher Baibekov


Outdoor ad campaigns

IF IT DOESN’T SELL, IT ISN’T CREATIVE. David Ogilvy We agree with «the legend of advertising». We apply the same philosophy, which is why our clients and partners trust us. Here are samples…


Furniture design: ALPHA chair

Creative and minimal approach to chair design. We are looking for business partners and manufacturers to implement our ideas in furniture design. If you are interested, please, feel free…


Sunglasses design: Integrating style, function & fashion

Apart from minimalism and functionality, fashion is one of the main features of these designs. We are open to new ideas and collaboration with other companies in manufacturing and development of sunglasses…


Watch design: ON AIR. Minimalism, functionality, simplicity, attractivity

Minimal design and a simple, intuitive display make KISAI ON AIR one of the most attractive watch designs. Featuring a colored LCD display with touch screen technology, time,…


Footwear design: Authentic, stylish, original

The range of areas we are interested in is quite big. Footwear design is one of them. Here are some of the concepts we offer to niche, as well…


Kettle design: KUMGAN

The design concept of this kettle takes its inspiration from kumgan, which stands for ‘water jug’ in Kyrgyz. Nowadays, water jugs are still commonly used by people living…